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Update: a way forward
Special Called Session of the 2019 General Conference

From Dick Smith 

I mentioned in last week’s class that I would be forwarding to everyone a presentation that my friend Lonnie Brooks made at a Finding the Way Forward forum in Alaska last week. He outlined the three options that the Council of Bishops will be recommending to the Finding the Way Forward Commission next month. Incidentally, here is Bishop Elaine Stanovsky's response during this same forum to the question of what was the Council of Bishops going to recommend to the special called session of the General Conference in 2019. “I have heard on the grapevine--a rumor--that the Council of Bishops has not been inclined to encourage further development of the status quo (option #1) with enforcement--ramped up enforcement options.  I've not heard that officially within the Council--let me say that.  But I do trust the persons who I've heard it from.”

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The Nephesh Sunday Class, a "Reconciling Community,"
invites you to read an Open Letter to the delegates to our General Conference, urging them to "prayerfully consider what it means and what it will take for the UMC to become a fully inclusive church where the beloved community of Christ is reflected in word, deed, and action." After reading the letter, we hope that you will choose to add your name, joining over 1400 others.

Reconciling/Welcoming Statement
Following Christ's command to love one another, the Nephesh Class of St. John's United Methodist Church recognizes that all people are of sacred worth and affirms that we are a reconciling community. In celebrating the diversity of God's creation, we respect and welcome all people, regardless of age, economic status, faith history, ethnicity, gender, mental or physical ability, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identification. In the words of John Wesley, "If your heart is with my heart, take my hand." With open hearts, open minds, and open doors, we share God's love with the world.

(This statement was adopted on October 18, 2015.)

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