very EASY GIVING: ALBERTSONS, smiths, AND Amazon Smile


Use your Albertsons Community Partners card when you shop - and benefit St. John's.

smith's community rewards

Smith's Reward Card

Use your Smith's Reward Card for St. John's to receive benefits.


1. Go to Smiths Community Rewards or call Smith's Customer Communications at 1-888-876-4847

2. You will need to give your Smith's card number (found under the bar code) and an email address.

3. They will request the number of the organization to receive points. Give St. John's number: 56475.

4. That's it - remember every little bit helps. We would welcome any friends or family who are not St. John's members to also register.


Once enrolled in the program (directions below) Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to St. John’s. For example: if you buy a book for $25, then Amazon donates $1.25 to St. John’s. There is no cap on the total donation amount and no cost to St. John’s. The donations through AmazonSmile will be made to St. John’s 45 days after a calendar quarter ends.


1. Go to

2. You will be asked to sign in with your Amazon password. IF you don’t remember it, ask to be emailed a password.

3. You will see several "spotlight charities" (i.e. American Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital).

4. Scroll down to: Choose your favorite charitable organization - St. John’s United Methodist Church Santa Fe

After you enroll:

1. Important: in order for your purchases to help St. John’s, you must login to (instead of just every time you shop.

2. So, take that link – and bookmark it. Once you’ve designated St. John’s United Methodist Church as your chosen charity, when you sign in to shop it should look like this (yours won’t have the word “prime” if you don’t also use amazon prime):

3. From then on, make your purchases at, and St. John’s will receive 0.5% of the purchase price. Be sure to update your browser's bookmark to - if you use a bookmark when buying at

4. Either click on the image below to get started or use your smartphone to scan the QR code.